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We are a consulting firm based out of B.C that prides ourselves on providing Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) consulting services for a variety of Canadian businesses. In a highly challenging market, with uncertain economic trends, companies want to ensure they they remain competitive at all times. In the attempt to do so, companies need to minimize overall costs without sacrificing investments in expanding their business activities.

Each year, millions of the available SR&ED credit dollars go unclaimed because companies are unaware that their eligible expenses have the potential to be refunded. The SR&ED program is fully funded by the government and is intended to minimize tax burdens on qualifying business activities, drive innovation, and to help foster growth in the fields of science, technology and engineering.

Our team consists of a group of experts with very diverse professional backgrounds- mechanical engineering, technology, electronics, finance, information technology, and more! Our experts will help you substantially by looking after every step in the process of obtaining a SR&ED tax credit for your business.

At Innotek Consulting Ltd we welcome your questions and look forward to meeting with you. For more information call 604 259 9937 or visit us online to request a free consultation today!

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Our Services

  • Meet with you to identify your claimable projects and determine SR&ED eligibility
  • Prepare a comprehensive technical report detailing experimental activity
  • Prepare all financial documentation such as tax schedules and accounting reports
  • Submit documentation for your review prior to sending to CRA
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